Andrology Australia commissioned the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service (MHCS) to promote reproductive health to the Chinese and Vietnamese General Practitioners (GPs) in NSW by organising workshops. Professor Rob McLachlan, Director of Andrology Australia based at Monash University in Melbourne and Principal Research Fellow at Prince Henry Institute, in company with Dr Carol Holden the Chief Executive Officer of Andrology Australia, presented workshops for GPs who were members of the Australian Chinese Medical Association (ACMA) and the Vietnamese-Australian Medical Association (VMA) in March 2012.

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Both of these workshops were designed to raise awareness and to present to the general practitioners from both the ACMA and the VMA, the latest medical research on the issues of men’s reproductive health concerns such as: testicular cancer; prostate disease, erectile dysfunction; male infertility and androgen deficiency. Professor McLachlan also discussed the issue of early detection of prostate cancer in general practice with this form of cancer on the rise in the male population in Australia.

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Target Audience

Both workshops where well attended by GPs, with a total of 34 people attending the Vietnamese workshop in Cabramatta and a total of 71 people attending the Chinese GPs workshop in Chatswood where they heard from Professor McLachlan the very latest information and research on these most common concerns and also methods that would help the GPs in introducing these sensitive health issues to their patients.

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The GPs who attended the workshops were able to order a set of Clinical Summary Guides on Men’s Health, free from Andrology Australia which included in language material on all the subjects above as well as additional information on suggestions for male genital examination with suggestions from Professor McLachlan on how best to overcome the sensitive issues of raising men’s reproductive health issues with male patients.

The workshops were coordinated by MHCS with great assistance from the Australian Chinese Medical Association and in particular Dr. Lisa Chen and Vietnamese-Australian Medical Association President, Dr Lieu Binh.